25 Awesome Path Codes For 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'



  1. Posted by HorseFlowers_, — Reply

    I see so many of these! I’m new, and I’ve seen YT videos of people using other’s custom designs, but how do you use other peoples?

  2. Posted by annvhinds, — Reply

    Autumn you'll have to get sable sisters in and then put in a code it's really fun and easy to use

  3. Posted by kdlunikitty, — Reply

    Does anyone have Nintendo online that I can friend I wanna play animal crossing with someone

  4. Posted by otterbagel, — Reply

    Can I just say her outfit is so cute uwu

  5. Posted by hailey_marie9310, — Reply

    I’m using these for my zen tea garden! Thanks!

  6. Posted by o3ominime, — Reply

    thank you !

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