26 LMAO Quotes


LMAO is an acronym that stands for Laughing My Ass Off. These LMAO quotes are so funny and humor.We are sure that these quotes make you laugh.Read This 26 LMAO Quotes 26 LMAO Quotes 26 LMAO Quotes 26 LMAO Quotes 26 LMAO Quotes 26 LMAO Quotes 26 LMAO Quotes 26 LMAO Quotes 26 LMAO Quotes…


  1. Posted by hall0145, — Reply

    well...at the wedding they fall all over the place pushing one another over about to half kill themselves to grab THE bouquet ......hmmm maybe THIS time they are going to push each other TOWARDS the path OF THE the bouquet

  2. Posted by ppickard5273, — Reply

    Everyone else: *steps away* Depressed Jimmy: *flawlessly catches it* “So my mom was right, little league WOULD help me out someday.”

  3. Posted by ramonagutierrez58395, — Reply

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  4. Posted by MyCurves72, — Reply

    I REALLY do want someone to do this 🤣Then when everyone is speechless with their hands over their mouths have that person say “Shannon asked that I do that!”😂😂😂 that’s when the laughing in hysterics would commence, knowing that’s just such a Shannon thing to do! (Lighten up world, we really are here for such a short time🤪)

  5. Posted by meeraloveskookie, — Reply

    *someone throws the bouquet, girls pushing one each other to get it, one falls in a fresh dug up grave, they all look down* Yeah Karen mate it was you all a long RIP you little brat. Have some a little shower yeah. *pees on the body but falls on top of the body and dies* Well oof

  6. Posted by mattiapolibios, — Reply

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  7. Posted by ceadams117, — Reply

    Well I’m going to a funeral today. This cross my mind. It’s been 11 people killed on motorcycles this month by cars. Damn cagers.

  8. Posted by feefee_the_retarded_flea, — Reply

    while you're throwing the bouquet, sing highway to hell for me.. i want to rain piss on all you fuckers 😂

  9. Posted by tvolqswagen, — Reply

    This would be hilarious if they did it in a movie called 3 funerals and a wedding.LMAO

  10. Posted by bdrmeyes4u, — Reply

    Hell, why not have the guy tossing the flowers dress up like the grim reaper?🤣

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