42 Funny Graduation Quotes That Are Way Too Accurate


Graduation day is finally here, and you can’t stop smiling! The past four years wouldn’t have been possible without dedication and great company, and what better way to end this chapter than with a laugh?


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    Yessss, my neighbors are like known for drug dealing and have been to jail lots of times. They even deal to one of our other neighbors and close friends but I am best friends with their kids and we don't bother them and they don't bother us so it's all good. They always have police officers up there and stuff and we just have gotten used to it at this point.

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    Wife: I don’t care about all the commotion outside, if you don’t mow the lawn now, you’re sleeping on the couch tonight!

  3. Posted by Cherish_Faith, — Reply

    Yea 2019 was a picnic, 2020 is like explosions and fire in the background and the guy gotta wear a mask

  4. Posted by thisismylastchance, — Reply

    it's 2020 now and you know i'm going to be nosy again your business is my business

  5. Posted by carli121202_, — Reply

    U kno, it is 2020 and this still applies😂

  6. Posted by jdurrch, — Reply

    Me all of 2020 bc the shit show never stopped since 2018

  7. Posted by haloblasterA259, — Reply

    Vostroya during the Horus heresy

  8. Posted by GummiWorms17, — Reply

    Just your average day in the hood

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    The sad part is that it’s true 😂

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