Can I go home now


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  1. Posted by itzemily16, — Reply

    the one who has no other cousins around my age so your just sitting there on tiktok with my airpods on either that or i play the really happy cousin

  2. Posted by broadway_on_repeat, — Reply

    If I come I am probably the bisexual cousin draped very weirdly over a chair somewhere. If someone makes any attempts at making me socialize I will shoot their idea down with one of my inevitable finger guns.

  3. Posted by snailhorns40, — Reply

    The adopted sister who dreads coming, has fun anyway, but is absolutely thrilled to be back in her child free home with her animals and needs almost a week to recuperate from from being around people.

  4. Posted by daughterofapollo27, — Reply

    The closeted pan whose extended family is very religious, who is afraid to come out to them. Also, the one that has a reputation for drawing and/ or reading during gatherings

  5. Posted by itsmagicallyLB, — Reply

    The weird artsy bi one. I have a weird artsy pan trans cousin too. And a cool almost redneck trans cousin. We’re outcasts cuz our family is incredibly homophobic/transphobic and it sucks;)

  6. Posted by Tanishkalengade, — Reply

    the very SHY one who tries to remind others i am here too, and hates when someone says "why r u so quite/sad all the time?" or "learn to talk more"

  7. Posted by fzhbssxg, — Reply

    I am the weird/creepy cousin who rarely shows up. Oh and also the oldest so when I want to play tag with my cousins or something, everyone gives me weird looks. ;-;

  8. Posted by irissfc, — Reply

    the cousin they only see twice a year cause i live far away and never try to talk to any of my family members :) oh and besides that the bored, mean, sarcastic, fake laughing cousin too

  9. Posted by kendallmoore485, — Reply

    I actually like my family reunions on my moms side i have a big family and everyones normal. Except for when my dads wife has her family over they are all hilbilly trash his wife is the only normalish one.

  10. Posted by joy2dance, — Reply

    The one who comes because they have to and is just there for the food and then tries to avoid the extremely annoying younger cousins and always ends up failing also just hangs out with one sibling the whole time

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