Commission of my female Aasimar Bard blew me away.


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  1. Posted by 23astrix23, — Reply

    She looks like Zoya from Shadow and Bone

  2. Posted by CHERRYsweetLIQUOR, — Reply

    Ela é estrábica 🥺 me sentido representada kkkkkk

  3. Posted by halsten_jenn, — Reply

    Bard Armor

  4. Posted by weebincnc, — Reply

    She's so pretty and the line art khdsj <333

  5. Posted by graciellavincent, — Reply

    this looks like my bard

  6. Posted by paigey0674, — Reply

    Daughter of Mercury

  7. Posted by reina2806, — Reply

    What series

  8. Posted by sunshine_lunette, — Reply

    Warrior cn

  9. Posted by PrincessofRosesandThorns, — Reply


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