Keto Pizza Chaffles


How To Make Keto Pizza Chaffles With Almond Flour Looking for easy keto chaffle recipes? This low carb crispy pizza crust is made in a mini waffle maker with almond flour, an egg, cheese and seasoning.


  1. Posted by LouLouBee89, — Reply

    This is delicious! I didn’t have Italian seasoning so I improvised with a garlic herbs seasoning for chicken for the grill and added some parsley, I did forget the parm cheese. But this is fantastic! Even my bf wants one

  2. Posted by ReNickulous, — Reply

    Unless you have an auto immune disease or epilepsy this is not a healthy diet. Plant based is more effective at weight loss and is much more healthy. Processed meat is a class 1 carcinogen = directly linked to cancer. Heart disease is caused by over indulgence im meat, dairy and oil. I.e. decent weightloss, terrible for your body.

  3. Posted by ratley179, — Reply

    For all my dieting family out there if you love eggs Chaffle is the next best bread to substitute

  4. Posted by larez2234, — Reply

    Yes great recipe but have you guys tried a custom keto diet

  5. Posted by jessiehoialmen, — Reply

    Chaffles zah bra ūü§ô (cheese waffle pizza bro) brought to you by vodka and Pinterest

  6. Posted by nutrita_app, — Reply

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  7. Posted by LouLouBee89, — Reply

    Oh! And I doubled mine since I don’t have a mini waffle maker just a regulr one

  8. Posted by janeannswi, — Reply

    These are so good and easy! Satisfies the need for pizza.

  9. Posted by joeycarotenuto25, — Reply

    Can i use frozen waffles? As my waffle maker gave out on me

  10. Posted by janeannswi, — Reply

    Very good and easy. I will definitely make these again!

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